Reverse Diet Plan

A long period of leaning out to bring the necessary physique for a competition can take its toll on both your body and psyche, and it’s easy to fall back into old eating patterns once you’ve achieved your fitness goal.

The rebound effect can be common among bodybuilding competitors, because months of  dieting can often results in changes to how your body processes certain foods, sodium, caloric intake etc.

When coming off a competition diet it is common to have competitors eat far more than their body actually needs or can handle at the moment, which is why it’s not uncommon to gain all the weight back and more after a contest — in seemingly no time at all.

The trick is to have a Reverse Diet Plan in place, which involves slowly adding more quality calories to your program over a course of 2 to 4 weeks.

(We customize each plan depending on every individual client’s needs, which means some people may continue for a little longer than that.)

The goal of reverse dieting is to effectively recover your body’s natural metabolic capacity, avoid unnecessary fat gain, and focus on building muscle mass.

This will allow your body to return to a healthy balance, while also making it much easier to lean out if and when you decide to compete again. The several weeks post show is when your body is in need of calories, carbohydrates, sodium etc.

If applying these foods and calories the right way your body is going to turn that food into fuel and will only help in building the desired physique you are looking for.

So in essence your 2-4 weeks post show is just as important as the 2-4 weeks leading into the show.

“Why not just take a break and eat whatever I want – can’t I begin a reverse dieting program later?”

When you are really lean, your body has terrific insulin sensitivity. This means that right after a show is the perfect time to maximize muscle gains, by carefully adding more carbohydrates and slowly increasing your overall calorie intake.

Doing this will ensure that your off-season is focused on improving your conditioning opposed to losing all your results and, later down the line, having to spend much longer leaning out from excessive fat gain.

“Who would benefit from a Reverse Diet Plan”

A Reverse diet is intended for a person who is coming off of an intense diet and training program whether it be for a competition, photo shoot etc.

A reverse diet should be used over a 2-4 week period to get your body acclimated to calories and certain foods by slowing increase calories and macro nutrients and decreasing your workload.

If you are planning on continuing on with another competition or an Off Season Training Program please refer to that information

Meet Your Coaches

Ingrid Romero

Ingrid is undefeated on the NPC stage. She is the 2011 Arnold Classic Champion, 4 x NPC overall champion and IFBB PRO.

She is also a Columnist (published in countless magazines), certified personal trainer, bikini and fitness wear designer, stage presence coach, Team EDGE marketing director and founder.
 You can visit Ingrid’s website at

Joe Discuillo

Joe has been in the fitness industry for over 18 years. He studied Kinesiology and has several certifications such as NASM, ACE and AFPA.

Joe Specializes in training professional athletes and Fitness Competitors.

Joe has also prepared Ingrid for all her competitions and has lead many Team Edge athletes to place in the top 5, many number 1 finishes and countless PRO CARDS! He is also Team EDGE founder!

Packages Include

  • Complete Weight Training Program & Cardio Plan

  • Personalized nutrition program with updates every other week or as needed

  • Vegan & Regular Meal Options

  • Tips for Eating Out or On the Go

  • Supplementation Counseling

  • Constant email communication with your coaches Joe & Ingrid

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