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Ingrid Romero is an international fitness columnist and blogger for more than 10 magazines every month where she writes about health, training and nutrition.

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In these posts you’ll find a more in-depth chat with me, everything from training, nutrition, motherhood, husband-wife, photo shoots and events I go to.

This is also dedicated to women as we have different aesthetic goals & health needs than men, so our training should be designed accordingly I travel a lot and meet so many exciting people and like to share my experiences so I post a lot of photos and videos.

Feel free to roam around and check all my pages. I invite you to follow my adventures both here in the United States and around the world! I am bilingual, so don’t be surprised if sometimes I post in Spanish 🙂

How To Achieve That Winning Mindset

One of the things that has always set me a part from the rest of the women I competed against is my winning mindset. Now that I am a coach...

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