The Best Ways To “Woo” Your Husband Or Wife

Love and sex can get even better after you’re married. With a little effort, you can continue to woo your husband or wife. Keeping the spark in your marriage can always be kind of tough especially when you’re as busy as Joe and I are. But as I’ve mentioned in a past blog, we always try to do whatever we can to keep the romance alive

Love Your Partner 4 Ever

I love my husband! Joe is everything I’ve looked for in another person, and now with our twin boys our family is complete. I feel so blessed every minute we are together. But we do work at it.

Make A Commitment To Your Marriage

When I was small I was like a lot of girls, I'd play with my dolls, pretending that they were my babies, and fantasizing

Time Spent Away With Your Hubby Is Always The Best Medicine

If you’ve been paying attention to my Facebook, Instagram or Twitter feeds you know my hubby Joe and I recently just got back from

Keeping A Working Couple From Turning Into A Couple Of Nuts

Working with your significant other can be incredibly rewarding, sharing your goals and achievements with the person you love has the potential to make

14 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Me!

I was born and raised in Spain, Europe. I was born in the middle of July so I’m a Cancer – a very