A New Year And New Business Partnerships

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I’m sure you had a great time ringing in 2015! I know we did! Well now that all of our resolutions have been made...

Ten Simple Marketing Tools

Running my own business and launching products may seem easy to all of you, but to be honest it takes a lot of work. The big thing I had to tackle when my hubby and I first started this journey was how to properly market my various products and reach the right people.

How To Stay Organized When You’re A Busy Mom

Now that my boys are two I’ve started to plan ahead, so as they get older and start participating in sports and after school activities

How To Stay Positive With So Much Negativity Out There

Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing you always run into negativity. It doesn’t matter if it’s a person or a

Through Sacrifice You Can Be Successful

What a whirlwind of fun and excitement I had this past weekend at the Olympia Expo! We got to meet and chat with so

Good Advice Is Essential To Starting A Business

I really love owning my own business. It provides me the freedom to set my own hours, allowing me as much time as I

Avoid These Pitfalls And Keep Your Motivation

Staying motivated is a constant struggle for all of us – our will and drive is continually assaulted by negative thoughts and anxiety about

Jealousy, Haters and Trolls. Oh My!!

Remember when you were young and the first time you experienced jealousy? It could have been something as simple as you had a popsicle,

How to Build Your Brand

People ask me all the time, “Ingrid your website and workout series are so popular, how did you make this happen?” Well I’m here

Career Mom

As a career mom of 10 month old twins that runs several businesses with my husband, I am always asked, "how do you have time