Look no further. This e-book will take you through each stage of the bodybuilding process and take your conditioning to the next level; whether you are a beginner athlete or an avid lifter.

You will learn some of the most intricate techniques in weightlifting and cardio to peak your condition over 3 months time, from the build up phase to the final shredding phase!

To top it off, you will get not one but two (!) ultra advanced meal plans designed to help you build maximum muscle mass and lean out like a pro, plus an additional 7-day peak week plan for photo shoots or stage prep!

You will get an explicit 12-Week Workout Program that includes:

  • Build Strength
  • Drop Sets
  • Pyramid Sets
  • HIIT & Low Intensity Cardio
  • Heart Rate Monitoring

To top it off, you will get every tool needed to complete the program like boss:

  • Nutritional Needs Calculation Guide
  • Bulking Up Diet Plan
  • Leaning Out Diet Plan
  • Vegan Food Preparation Options
  • 7-Day Peak Week Plan
  • Complete Workout Index