Introducing 30 Meals Your Way…

Getting in shape for summer or for an important event or even that dream vacation is never easy but thousands do it every year.

Many people set a goal and work like crazy to achieve that goal through diet and exercises.

But what happens after you hit that goal?  Many times once the goal has been reached we fall into old habits and we lose the great gains that were made.

We are all guilty of doing this, including me.

One of the main reason people tell me they fall back into old eating habits is because healthy eating is just so bland and boring.  I totally understand this.

While working towards my IFBB Pro card I was on a strict bodybuilder diet for TWO YEARS!!!  I ate the same meals everyday without cheating or taking a break. Talk about missing good food!  I know the food struggle!

For this reason I wanted to create some delicious and healthy dishes that will help you maintain your gains without having to sacrifice your favorite meals.

30 Meals Your Way is a recipe e-book I created to give you tasty meals all under 500 calories.  These meals are a combination of Smoothies, Salads and Main dishes that you can mix and match throughout the week.

Dijon roasted salmon, vegetable and turkey sausage frittata, Greek salad with salmon, Raspberry Lemon smoothies, and cocoa-butter smoothies are just a sample of the 30 recipes I have created and they are not only great tasting, they are good for you too.

In addition, I have included a section on some healthy holiday meals so you can still enjoy the food of the season.

I just don’t want you to reach your goals, I want you maintain your goals and share a healthy way of eating with others.

Here’s A Quick Recap Of
What You’ll Receive Inside

Now you’ll be able to maintain your gains all year round while enjoying some savory treats. Healthy eating does not have to be boring… See for yourself!

  • 30 delicious and healthy meals that include Smoothies, Salads and Main Dishes that can be mixed and matched the way YOU like.
  • Calorie Meal Counts. Every meal displays its calorie count to help you maintain the just right caloric intake.
  • Seven Day meal plan/Grocery list chart. You control what your week looks like. Stay on track by planning your week ahead with the seven-day meal chart.
  • Bonus Holiday meal recipes. Three delicious holiday recipes that will create the perfect holiday meal under 500 calories.

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