I want to thank  the editors of these magazines and the super talented photographers for giving me the opportunity to grace the cover of these amazing mags! Feeling blessed and grateful.

To all my friends and fans  you can buy these magazines commercially in newsstands and online as a digital download.  Download instantly and save the file to your device!

I want to say that Modeling is a challenging career and that its NOT like in the movies.

There is much more to it than just hanging around wearing nice clothes. It takes dedication and responsibility to be in a high pressure career such as Modeling! In this blog post I’m gonna share photoshoot tips, sponsorship advice and how to be in the cover of fitness magazines.

Photo Shoot Advise Grooming:

Grooming is always essential. Hair, makeup, blemishes, nails, body hair, tattoos, scars, skin imperfections, etc. should not be taken for granted as you should pay exclusive attention to these areas.

Ensure that the photographer is aware of such things such as piercings, tattoos and skin imperfections as there are a number of reputable products that work fantastically to conceal these conditions like Dermablend.

I use dermablend to cover my tats when I shoot and works great! They have tons of different shades to match your color you can find it at Macys.


itness is completely different than fashion so you should always have tanned skin. Whether you tan naturally or visit tanning salons, stay clear of tan lines that may not be hidden by your garments when photographed.

I recommend L’OREAL SUBLIME you can buy it in any drugstore and works great!!!

I use it in every shoot and gives you a very nice instant glow!

I use dermablend to cover my tats when I shoot and works great! They have tons of different shades to match your color you can find it at Macys.


May consider using artificial nails but is not necessary. I recommend natural nails for fitness and for fashion or Glamour Color is great!


Go for different looks! Bring several fitness, bikini, fashion or glamour outfits so you can pick what works best! Solid bikinis work best as patterns distracts too much from the body.

For fitness bring  bright soft and vibrant colors like blue, green etc.

Check out Oxygen Magazine style. Don’t forget to bring tennis shoes, heels, accessories, etc.

What I used to do and will work for you too, is to attach an article written by yourself so they can see your work and attach unpublished pictures that go well with the article. A lot of times they want a full package ready to print! HARD WORK WINS!

Remember that is also about your following so if you don’t have a lot of fans yet wait until your social media pages grow a little bigger and wait until you have an updated and full portfolio. BE PATIENT and don’t get discourage if they don’t email back. They receive a massive amount of emails every day.


Make sure that you bring everything that you will require to touch up the make-up and/or change shades and colors. Start soft and natural for fitness and then add more glamour for bikini, fashion etc. Fake lashes are important as it opens up your eyes more.

Magazine Cover Advise:

If you want something to happen ardently, it will definitely happen.

In order to get published in magazines or online features you have to go to their website and find the editor and chief or any contact box. Send them an email with all your links (web, blog, social networks, etc) and hope for the best. Also send them a strong bio not too long cause they don’t want to read too much… lol. Also pics and anything interesting. Tell the editor that you can write about everything like nutrition, health etc.

I use dermablend to cover my tats when I shoot and works great! They have tons of different shades to match your color you can find it at Macys.


In regards to sponsorships, they are very hard to come by. What a company looks for in a competitor is marketability. For instance, they want to see that the athlete has a big fan base and following.

For example, if a supplement company sponsors an athlete they want to know how many people that athlete has the ability to be seen by. It’s all about what you can do for the company that is going to sponsor you.

Doing competitions, networking in fitness expos and events and social networking is the best way to get your name out there.

Please note you do not need to place 1st in a show to get sponsor. Build your social network pages and fan pages. You need to have a ton of people following what you do. You need to be able to reach a lot of people.

That is Pretty Much the Bottom Line

You have to have the determination, courage and confidence in yourself! NEVER GIVE UP!

Any questions please leave your comments below!

Also remember to have fun and enjoy the journey!!

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